Music and Social Impact


Pandemic Student Raffles - we provided instruments, during the pandemic, for kids without the means.

"He said  I can hardly believe it. As he was leaving to go back to class he asked if he was allowed to take it with him….I told him you sure can, it’s all yours! He thanked me many times and said to thank you all so very much for the wonderful gift." Wendy Pelfry - Director, Wolfe County, (Kentucky) Board of Education.


Photo by: Jean Carlo Emer 

Family Grant Program recipients, pre-Covid-19, that we've empowered with job training, placement and critical needs supporting grants. 


Covid Grant Recipient

"Thank you for the kind donation, it means a great deal to me, I'm a single father...after facing Covid and being critically ill for weeks. I honestly thought I was going to die and came close to it..."