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Preamp - SE DM1-MIC-PRE Dynamite Active In-Line Preamp

$119.99 $169.99

Preamp - SE DM1-MIC-PRE Dynamite Active In-Line Preamp

$119.99 $169.99
Model #: DM1-MIC-PRE-U:
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  • Brand: SE Electronics
  • Type: All Things Music
  • Availability: In Stock

Whether you’re a podcaster, recording engineer, or running live sound, the DM1 is the perfect way to boost the signal from a passive mic, reduce the likelihood of interference, and provide significantly improved level to your preamp – all without adding noise or coloration. Its output impendence is also the lowest in its class, allowing it to drive long cable runs while reducing susceptibility to RF interference, buzz and hum.

Reliable operation even in demanding on-stage applications in difficult environments is ensured by the roadworthy and slim all-metal design, robust construction, and high-quality manufacturing standards.

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