Capo - G7TH 3 ART Capo Gold Plate

$89.99 $114.99

Capo - G7TH 3 ART Capo Gold Plate

$89.99 $114.99
Model #: G7P3GD-U:
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  • Brand: G7th
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The G7th Performance 3 capo has yet again been meticulously redesigned to help keep your guitar in tune, to protect your neck, and to safeguard your tone. 

  • Fitted with G7th's Adaptive Radius Technology
  • Performance 3 string pad mechanism adapts to match the curvature over the strings in every position, on any guitar neck.
  • Pressure is always evenly distributed over the fingerboard, giving unrivaled tuning stability.

  • The Unique Tension Control system found in all Performance series capos gives near-infinite adjustment. and an easy, one-handed action. 
  • Inert silicone wrap-around rubber and internal G7th design features eliminate any of the tone deadening and envelope pinching that besets so many other capos.
  • Lastly, it protects against dangerous metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

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