Deering Banjo Goodtime GAM

$679.00 $749.00

Deering Banjo Goodtime GAM

$679.00 $749.00
Model #: Goodtime GAM:
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  • Brand: Deering
  • Type: Banjos
  • Availability: In Stock


The Americana™ is the first 5-string banjo from Deering to be fitted with their new Grand 12” rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and a much warmer tone. The fullness and warmth of the larger rim is further enhanced by the addition of a 12” Renaissance head which beautifully complements the banjo both visually and sonically. Made in America.


The trust and pride Deering shares in their products give the confidence to grant every owner of a Goodtime banjo a 6 year warranty ensuring the quality of the materials and workmanship.

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