Gitane DG-250M Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar


Gitane DG-250M Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Model #: DG-250M:
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  • Brand: Gitane
  • Type: Acoustic Guitars
  • Availability: Out of Stock

A faithful recreation of a rare original vintage Selmer guitar made in the 1940’s – and a favorite of John Jorgenson. The DG-250M will turn heads because of it’s amazing tone and cutting power, as well as its visual beauty! John was quoted as saying, “I took the new DG-250M with me to Samois-sur-Seine and it held its own in many a jam session with a lead tone that is powerful and audible over as many as 8 rhythm guitars all playing at once!”

Take it from the fretboard master, you won’t want to put this guitar down.

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