Kentucky KM-256 Deluxe A-Model Mandolin

$595.00 $825.00

Kentucky KM-256 Deluxe A-Model Mandolin

$595.00 $825.00
Model #: KM-256:
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  • Brand: Kentucky
  • Type: Mandolins
  • Availability: In Stock

In 1922, mandolin designs began to change, as did the musical tastes of the time. The greatest acoustic engineer of the day began to develop designs that incorporated F-shaped sound holes instead of the oval-hole designs that ultimately tightened up the airy, woody nature of the traditional A-shape, and accentuated the treble frequencies often lacking in previous designs.

All combined, these instruments offered the musician better balance and greater volume to meet the ever changing musical styles to come. The Kentucky KM-256 Artist A-model Mandolin offers a professional quality instrument that is still affordably priced.

All materials are handcarved, with the tops and backs meticulously arched and graduated to achieve the correct balance of strength and lightweight rigidity for optimal tone. So, for the best value out there in a professional quality A-style mandolin, make America’s Favorite mandolin your choice!

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