Cello - Stentor Harlequin Cello 4/4 Blue Outfit


Cello - Stentor Harlequin Cello 4/4 Blue Outfit

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  • Brand: Stentor
  • Type: cello
  • Availability: In Stock

This Harlequin cello is carved from solid tonewoods and offers quality and style. Harlequin coloured cellos are supplied in a padded cover with bow pocket. A coloured wood bow is included (may not match instrument colour). They are made to correct measurements and specifications with good quality fittings.


  • Carved from solid tonewoods
  • Made to correct specifications
  • Hardwood pegs
  • Black hardwood fingerboard
  • Tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Good quality wood bow
  • Padded cover with back straps

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