Trinity College

Trinity College TM-375 Standard Irish Bouzouki


Trinity College TM-375 Standard Irish Bouzouki

Model #: TM-375:
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  • Brand: Trinity College
  • Type: Mandolins
  • Availability: Out of Stock

In the last 40 years, the Irish Bouzouki has come to the forefront of the Celtic Music scene. Played in a variety of tunings, the pairs of strings are often tuned A-D-G-C, an octave below the mandola. The deep, rich voice of the Irish Bouzouki is perfect for accompaniment as well as lead and solo work.  The TM-375 is the answer for all the players who had no other choice but an expensive, boutique instrument. The TM-375 offers the same quality, style and sound for far less cost. Every TM-375 is fully shop-adjusted prior to shipment, and each is furnished with a deluxe, hard shell case.

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